There is no need for you to spend time deliberating about which features you need, or whether it is worth paying more to get a particular feature on the off-chance that you may need it sometime in the future. We give you access to all of our features, giving you complete control over your account as standard.

That said, if you are new to all this you should not let the idea of complicated configurations put you off; our Control Panel is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for both new and seasoned users.

Standard Features
Feature Included?
Web Space 200MB
Bandwidth Allowance Unlimited
FTP Accounts 10

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Feature Included?
Web-based Control Panel cPanel
Operating System CentOS 5
Based on the leading enterprise linux operating system, CentOS provides one of the most important reasons why OneWebKing’s servers are able to remain so reliable and secure
Web Server Apache 2.0.x
We use Apache, the most ubiquitous and mature web server, which has played a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web since it’s initial release in 1995. In Feb 2009, it became the first web server software to be used by more than 100 million websites, while holding almost 20% more of the market share than its nearest rival
Feature Included?
Off-Server Backup Yes
To protect your files in the event of server failure, we automatically backup your account every 6 hours and retain up to 8 days-worth of snapshots. Having said this, we recommend that customers keep their own copies, using our backup tools provided via their Control Panel.
RAID 1+0 Disk Configuration Yes
Striped and mirrored, hot-swappable RAID is used to eliminate disruption to service in the event that a single server disk fails.
Firewalls Yes
We use several layers of security to protect our servers, not least the hardware firewall at our data centre, and the local iptables firewall running on each server.
mod_security Yes
The mod_security module and its coresponding rules are installed to check incoming requests for pages against various known methods of exploit attempts and other nefarious activity.
ClamAV Antivirus for Files and Emails Yes
We use ClamAV to automatically scan files and emails to prevent virus programs.
Anti-spam Tools Yes
See the following section for a full list of anti-spam features.
Encrypted access to POP3 / IMAP / SMTP Yes
Feature Included?
Email Accounts Unlimited
WebMail Yes
Normally, we recommend that you download your email directly to your email client. However, there are always going to be times when you need quick, adhoc access to your messages, such as when you are not at your own computer. Therefore, we provide three of the best-known and easy-to-use WebMail interfaces available, namely Roundcube, Horde, Squirrelmail.
POP3 & POP3/SSL Access (your incoming mail) Yes
IMAP & IMAP/SSL Access (your incoming mail) Yes
SMTP & SMTP/SSL Access (your outgoing mail) Yes
Multi Recipient Addresses Unlimited
Forwarders Unlimited
Aliases Unlimited
Auto-Responders Unlimited
Mailing Lists Unlimited
MX Record Control Full Control
Automatic Antivirus Scanning Yes
Anti-Spam Filtering Yes
Unwanted and unsolicited email is often an unavoidable and unfortunate consequence for anyone with an email address. Our services allow you to enable a powerful spam-filtering tool called SpamAssassin directly on the server. For more advanced users, we offer complete control over DomainKeys and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records, to prevent spammers from forging their emails’ FROM address, and automatically preventing it from landing in your Inbox.
Web Building
Feature Included?
One-Click Application Installer Fantastico
Automated install of over 50 applications, including WordPress, in just a few clicks
Custom .htaccess configuration Yes
Password-protect web directories Yes
Custom error pages Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) Yes
SSL certificates Yes
MIME types Yes
Apache handlers Yes
Domain Redirects Yes
IP Address Blocking Control Yes
Hotlink Protection Yes
FrontPage Extensions On request
Parked Domains On request
If you would like people to access your website using a number of different domains, just provide us with the names of your secondary domains and we will be happy to set this up for you at no extra charge, other than the standard domain costs.
Web Development
Feature Included?
PHP 5.2.x Yes
PHP 4.4.x Yes
Perl 5.8.8 Yes
Ruby on Rails (RoR) Yes

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Feature Included?
MySQL 4.1.x Yes
phpMyAdmin Yes
MySQL Remote Access Control Yes
PostgreSQL 8.1.x Yes
phpPgAdmin Yes

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Account Administration
Feature Included?
One-Click Account and/or Website Backup Yes
Cron Jobs Yes
The Cron system allows you to schedule your server-based scripts to run automatically at times that you specify.
Web-based File Manager Yes
WebDAV WebDisk Yes
WebDisk provides a folder on your PC desktop that acts as a shortcut to a folder on the server. This allows you to seamlessly copy and paste files from your local computer to the server, just as you would copying to a local folder. Webdisk Documentation, Webdisk Video Tutorial
Website Monitoring, Statistics and Analysis
Feature Included?
Raw Access Logs Yes
Webalizer Web Analyser Yes
Webalizer is a detailed website analysis program that helps you to understand the types of users that visit your site and how they found it by presenting it in a variety of graphs. This is probably the most popular stats engine available today.
AwStats Web Analyser Yes
AwStats is an website analyser alternative to Webalizer that a few of our users prefer.